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Czestochowa PO Sales Mentor Crystal Patterson

A love for people and passion for business

Crystal has extensive expertise in sales and sales management and serves as an invaluable team leader. Her experience ranges from outside sales representative to regional director of sales, directing dozens of sales professionals.  Crystal’s personal and professional style endear her to clients and staff alike for her ability to assess clients’ needs and implement the appropriate next steps that grow their businesses.

The passion she has for people shows in her business, mentorship and encouragement she offers those who are involved with her in all aspects of her life personal and professional.

Her sales mentoring and sales team consulting business is a fabulous consideration for your enterprise. Getting more 'cha-ching' and less 'churn' is a goal of nearly all business owners. What does that take? Imagine your team having more 'grit', more insights, less fear and self-sabotage?

Crystal is wife, mother and businesswoman dedicated to helping others.

I'm very excited to join Angelina's 100 Enterprising Women's Book project. I look forward to the impact opportunity we will have as a group of women, seeking to reach other women in business. I'm especially excited about the mentorship and empowerment gained to further our success while being a service to others.

Creating money is just like creating anything else in your life. It involves not being attached to it, and not giving it power over your life in any way.
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer



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